Mobile application

Trapview application is available also for mobile devices. You can download the application from the application store: trapview (by Efos d.o.o.).

After login to the application the main screen with an interactive map shows up. It displays the locations of user’s automated traps marked with the trap icon and the manual monitoring points marked with the mobile phone icon. Below the map there is a device list displaying traps and mobile monitoring points with the thumbnails of the last uploaded images from the trap or mobile phone.


By choosing a particular automated trap (the name starts with Sxxxxx), the last uploaded automatically captured image shows.


You can browse the previously taken images by swiping to the left.

By pressing on a cogwheel icon action_mobile by the name of an automated trap in the main screen device list a menu shows up providing two options: Pest chart and Set parameters.


Pest chart

By pressing Pest chart option, the users get an overview of the pest occurrences over a selected period (7 days by default) per day and total number of new pests in that period. The bars in the pest chart show the number of pests detected on a particular day, while the red curve is showing the difference in number and dynamics of pest occurrences per day.


Below the pest chart there is a Pest table showing in numbers what is shown in bars in the Pest chart above it. The users can choose which columns should be displayed in the table depending on what they would like to see.


Set parameters

When choosing Set parameters you will be able to set all main parameters for your device - data network settings (e.g. SMS report numbers, network operator username and password), image capture time setting, telemetry report time setting, image compression ratio.


After setting the parameters an SMS will be created and sent to the SIM in the device for which you are setting the parameters, therefore you have to enter also phone number of the SIM card placed in your device. When everything is set, do not forget to press Send SMS.

Data input for a manual monitoring point

When pressing the cogwheel icon action_mobile by the mobile monitoring point (the name starts with MPxxxxxx) in the main screen the option of Upload image shows.


By choosing it, a dialogue screen shows, providing the options of taking a picture at the very location (the button with the camera icon) or uploading the picture from the gallery (the button with the picture icon). Below, there is also a field for entering the number of pests counted at the monitoring point and additional space for taking notes.


When finished users need to press the Upload button to send the data to the Trapview system, where users can access them and manage them in the Trapview WEB application on their PC.

Setting a new manual monitoring point

While in the field you can also set a new monitoring point on the go. Simply by pressing the Actions button action_mobile1 on the top right of the main screen a New monitoring point option shows up. All users need to do is enter the name of the monitoring point, choose a pest and they are done, since the geoposition is received automatically by the app.


Find devices in your vicinity

If you go to Near by devices Under Actions button, you can search for devices in your current vicinity. You just set the distance to which you want to search.