After successfully login in mobile app, opens the dashboard of mobile app. The app is separated on two parts:

  • Monitor - where are informations about battery and signal status, last notifications, last events and adding new event, weather and pest charts and option to create a new monitoring period

  • Forecast - where are informations about weather forecast, pest forecast and development stages

List of devices and MMP

On the dashboard is a list of devices which are visible to the user. Each table row on the list represents one device with its last known information: device number, name and location, show on map.


Search for devices

For searching devices click on search icon to opens a pop-up, where you can enter the serial number, name of a device, or location name to search for devices.


Show map

If you want to see location of selected device on the map, click on Show on map where will be open the map with icon of the trap on location which it has. by clicking on the trap icon shows the data about selected trap. To see the detail info about trap click on the serial number and this redirect you to Monitor section in app.



Devices list can be sorted, by clicking on Sort button. A window will open with the following options for sorting: nearest traps,device number or number of pests. To sort you can choose one of them. If you want to cancel the sort you click on Reset button.



Another option to filter the Devices list and Map is to use filters by clicking on Filter button. You can filter by technical issues or pest populations. You can use both filters at the same time. If you want to cancel filters, you click on Reset button.



A worl map indicating the position of your traps. The map is focus to your area. Traps are displayed with icons of different colors according to daily pest pressure tresholds.


Click on the icon displays some additional info of the trap like name, pest and location. If you click on the card it is redirect you to monitor tab with detail info and settings of a trap.



When you receive a notification, a green dot appears next to the bell, indicating the new notification received. With a click on the bell, the notification list will open. The notifications on mobile devices can appear in different locations and formats, such as icon in notification bar, a more detailed entry in the notification drawe etc.