Weather forecast

This feature give you the weather forecast for selected devices in the selected period. There’s the map with different symbols for the weather (sun, cloud, rain, thunderstorm, night/day…).

Search for devices

In a search query, you select for which devices you want to check weather. You have the following options to search:

  • Device number - enter serial number of device

  • Location name - you can select devices from locations you have and looking for data only for devices from selected location

  • Subject - select the subject

  • Pest, Crop, Protection measure - select the pest, crop or protection measure filter

Weather chart and forecast

When you click on the icon of weather on the map, shows the details about the device and weather info for the selected device: device number, location name, date and time, type of weather, temperature.

When you click on a serial number of device redirect you to weather chart under Device events, where you have historic weather data chart and weather forecast for the next 7 days from the selected date.