Setting parameters

When you have your devices assigned to your account, then you can set different parameters for individual devices. How to create the account and assign devices, you can check in section User account under Web application.

Setting parameters through Trapview application

Main parameters can be set through Trapview application in the Edit device section. With the Manage parameters button you enable editing of capture and telemetry times and also the compression ratio of the photos.


Do not forget to save your settings!

Setting parameters via mobile application

Mobile application can be downloaded from the application store:Trapview (by Efos d.o.o.).

When choosing Set parameters you will be able to set all main parameters for your devices. The main difference in comparison with Web application is that you can set only one capture time (parameter 16) and only one telemetry time (parameter 20).


Setting of parameters through mobile application works on the same principle as setting parameters via SMS (described in the following chapter) - after setting the parameters an SMS will be created and sent to the SIM in the device for which you are setting the parameters, therefore you have to enter also phone number of the SIM card placed in your device. When everything is set, do not forget to press Send SMS.

Setting parameters via SMS

You can set some parameters by sending the commands via SMS to the phone number of the SIM card placed in the device. Every SMS should begin and end with an empty line (Enter), in-between commands for setting the parameters (one or more) are:



  • settings for the mobile provider include 3 parameters:

    APN: par=6,APN
    username: par=10,username
    password: par=11,password

The SMS for setting parameters for one of mobile providers would look like this:


  • setting the time of capturing photos – always set a full hour and never 00:00!:


All the parameters that you can set

Par. no. Name Description Default value Command to set new value
4 sms_emergency_number an emergency phone number – where does the trap send emergency SMS +38641323124 par=4,phone_number
6 gprs_ini_string2 mobile provider setting - APN (in case that the APN that your SIM card will use isn’t in the trapview’s list of APNs, you will need to set it by yourself) / par=6,APN
9 sms_report_number a report phone number – where does the trap send report SMS +38641323124 par=9,phone_number
10 gprs_username username for GPRS access mobitel par=10,username
11 gprs_pass password for GPRS access internet par=11,password
16 capture_time1 at what time it will take photos – always set a full hour, the value 00:00 means that the time is not set. HH:00 par=16,HH:00
17 capture_time2 additional capture time 00:00 par=16,HH:00
18 capture_time3 additional capture time 00:00 par=18,HH:00
20 telemetry_time1 at what time it will send the telemetry – the value 00:00 means that the time is not set HH:00 par=20,HH:00
21 telemetry_time2 additional telemetry time 00:00 par=21,HH:00
22 telemetry_time3 additional telemetry time 00:00 par=22,HH:00
29 compression_ratio image compression ratio (1-smallest size, 10-best quality) 1 par=29,value

To restore the values of all the parameters to default values, simply use the command pardef.