The glass cover (especially the area that covers the cameras) has to be cleaned gently with a textile or a paper towel each time you check the traps in the orchard/field (when pheromone or sticky panel is changed) and if possible also after each spraying.

The solar panel has to be cleaned regularly with the textile or paper towel too.

Sticky panel has to be changed when there are too many insects, debris or dust on it. To change the sticky plate at standard delta trap, simply open the door at the openings (on any side you want). The easiest way to open the door is by pushing gently the side pins and puling the door against yourself (one pin per time). In case of self-cleaning mechanism saturated sticky surface is replaced with clean one by choosing a command “Schedule self cleaning” in the Trapview application, which triggers the pull of the sticky roll. When complete sticky roll is used, then it has to be replaced with the new one.

In the centre of the sticky plate or to the dedicated holder some lure has to be put (pheromone/kairomone), which effectively attracts the target species. Lures have to be changed according the instructions of the lure producer.

The entrances of the traps are reduced to minimum to retain as many attracted in-flying insects as possible. Therefore the entrances has to be cleaned regularly - any leafs or branches have to be removed to prevent the closing of those openings.

When the flying period ends, the trap and the electronics should be withdrawn from the orchard/field. To shut the device down just turn it OFF (ON/OFF button). The device should be stored in a dry place during the winter time. The housing has to be checked and if it is not damaged, it can be reused in the next season, otherwise the electronics must be separated from the old housing and be placed into a new housing.

Batteries will be drained after a long-term storage (like during winter hibernation), thus they must be recharged before the new season. You can charge them via USB cable (type A / Mini B) for at least 12 hours. Please plug Mini B connector into device and type A connector into USB switch on your computer. If you have USB adaptor for regular socket, you can use it for charging, too. During charging device has to be switched OFF.