Trapview fly

Cylindrical shaped housing is designed for trapping flies (Diptera). The housing is modular and allows different size and shapes of entry holes. The bottom of the housing allows the use of different attractants including liquid ones. Electronics is usually equipped with high resolution cameras for monitoring small flies like Drosophila Suzukii.

All components

1. White plastic band

2. Transparent plastic roll

3. Plastic screws

4. Electronics placeholder

5. Roff

6. Crown bolts

7. Bottom

8. Perforated sticky panel holder

9. Sticky panel

How to assemble the trap

1. Take the the white plastic band, plastic roll and 4 plastic screws.

2. Screw the plastic roll on the white plastic band with two plastic screws (third and fourth hole from left) as shown in the picture.

3. Roll all together so that two holes on the white plastic band overlaps. The transparent plastic roll and the screws wings should be on the outer side.

4. Insert a plastic screw through all four layers and fix it.

5. When the transparent plastic roll is fixed with the plastic bend, fix the rest of plastic roll with 2 other plastic screws as shown in the picture.

6. On the other end of the plastic roll fix the electronics placeholder with the remaining 4 plastic screws.

7. Start the device and put it into the electronics placeholder as shown in the picture. Prepare the cable on the right side.

8. Screw the roof on the electronics placeholder with 4 crown bolts. Be carefull with the cable.

9. Take the bottom part of the trap. (Put some liquid attractant in it.)

10. Place the perforated sticky panel holder.

11. Place the sticky panel so that all holes overlap with those on the bottom and fix it with a plastic screw through the central hole as shown in the pictures.

12. Remove the foil from the sticky panel (if using a solid lure, just put it on the sticky panel) and close the whole trap. Make sure that the pins of the white plastic band fall into the gaps of the bottom part and turn so that it locks.

13. Place the wire through the crown bolts on the roof to hang it up on a tree.

14. Hang up the trap in an appropriate place in a crown, and place the solar panel on a pillar so that it will be exposed to the sun as much as possible.