Trapview aura - lightening module

Trapview aura is a smart trap for monitoring of pests, which are active by night and attracted to light. Device emits polarized UV light and lure insects into trap. Light trap is the most reliable method for monitoring of night moths, which have a poor response to chemical attractants. On other hand device enables combination of light and chemical lure together.

Components and assembling are the same as with Trapview with self-cleaning mechanism, but the lighting module is added.

How to install the lightening module

1 Prepare the electronics and housing (assembled plastics 0-8)

2 Drop the small light through the hole in the electronics holder and attach it to the funnel lead

3 Push the cable into the gap in the electronics holder and push the electronics in place

4 Insert panels one to another to make a vane

5 Put the vane on the funnel part

6 Insert the big light

7 Assemble the lid on the vane panels

8 In case of using a combination of light and chemical lure, you will inset the chemical lure into plastic cage, close it with the cap and insert all together into opening in lid

9 Assembled lure module