For the country areas with weak signal we recommend using an external antenna, which improves the signal gain and thus enables data transfer from distant areas. It is best to consider about the need for antenna before buying the device, because later changes are not possible.

Antenna connection

You will connect the antenna before closing electronics into housing. Electronics with connectors for external antennas do not integrate additional internal antenna, therefore without connecting the antenna device will not work.

Antenna installation

1 Prepare the antenna holder

2 Mount the antenna holder tight to the sensor holder or to solar panel holder

3 Unscrew the nut and move star washer down the antenna cable

3 Push the antenna cable into the circular cut in the antenna holder and lean the antenna base on the holder

4 Push the washer back and tighten the nut

You can also use the small holder, originally attached by the antenna producer

You can use attached screws, but better if you find some longer screws, which will fit

Attach the holder to the wooden pole

Fix the antenna