Trapview is an automated pest monitoring system that monitors all kind of insects, which can be lured into insect traps. It works in all continents in any area covered by GPRS, 3G or 4G network. Trapview system consist of the three fully integrated, automated and easy to use tools:

  • Automated smart trap - the energy independent and weather resistant pheromone traps send picture of lures pests; one device can cover tens of hectares of growing area

  • Cloud-based processing - all picture from your traps are gathered, processed and securely saved; the pests that are recognized are automatically marked by a set of complex AI algorithems

  • Web and mobile application - an application with powerful analytical tools allows you to efficiently monitor and seccessfuly respond to the situation in the field

Key advanteges:

  • providing pest related data in nearly real-time

  • optimizing time spent on travel

  • effective trapping of targeted insects

  • low maintenance requirements, enery independence

  • simplified detection/recognition of targeted pests and

  • simplified communication between all stakeholders

Benefits for growers:

  • increased accurancy of monitoring pests

  • fewer fields visists and more efficient pest control

  • optimized insecticide application / timings

  • real time insight into a pest situation in the field

  • easy data sharing with an agronomist

Benefits for agronomists:

  • increased accurancyf of monitoring at low cost

  • real time insight into a pest situation in an area

  • able to more precisely provide the right situation at the right time

  • simplified administation and communication with growers

Benefits for researchers:

  • increased accurancyf of monitoring at low cost

  • automated and precise data gathering

  • short data collection intervals and securely archived data

  • a greate source of data to verify and develop pest-related models