The trap has to be set into the crop best just before the beginning of insect flight. The approximate period can be determined based on years of experience, in combination with determination of temperature sums. Trap has to be lifted into the crop/crown on height, where the activity of monitoring pest is greatest and the entrance of the trap has to be easily accessible. The recommendation is: set the trap parallel to the prevailing wind direction. Use the enclosed wire or any other wire to hang the trap in the crown of the tree or use a pole or some kind of hanger in small crops.

The solar panel has to be mounted on the top of a pillar in the way that solar panel is exposed to the south on the northern hemisphere and to the north on the southern hemisphere and it must not be shaded.

The number and the arrangement of the traps in the orchard/field is determined by the requirements of individual species, thus you have to follow the instructions for successful monitoring of the individual insect.

The third essential part of the trap is an adhesive which retains the pests. Place one sticky plate at the bottom of the trap with the sticky side looking up (to the cameras). Note that it should be changed time to time - when there are too many insects or other subjects (dust, leaves,...) on it. In case of self-cleaning mechanism sticky plate is replaced with sticky roll. When sticky surface is saturated, simple command through Trapview application will trigger cleaning of sticky surface by winding of sticky roll.

Target species are attracted with some lure (chemical/light). Chemical lures have to be changed according the instructions of the lure producer. The entrances of the trap has to be free - any leafs or branches have to be removed regularly to prevent the closing of those openings.

Before you start the device, it is recommended to charge the batteries first – expose the solar panel to the sun for few hours. The CHARGE light indicates when the battery is charging. If the batteries are too drained (for instance after winter storage), then charging via cable is needed. You will need USB cable type A/Mini B. Device has to be switched off during charging.